Documentary Wedding Photography

What is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?


A Documentary Wedding Photographer will tell the day through a story of photographs. These photos will consist mainly of human interaction, emotion and unposed images. This type of photography lets the bride and groom enjoy their day with loved ones. An image, in my opinion, must have some sort of context. It's very important for me to get the key moments at every wedding but I also enjoy walking around and exploring. I won't always be taking photos. There isn't a moment happening every second that is photo worthy. This is why I like to wander. I can observe and better predict what may unfold. The photos that are below are all special moments. Memories each couple will look back on and love all over again.


 Let me show you what I'm talking about.

A mother, the bride, sneaking up on her son and playing with him. 

The bride embracing both of her grandpas that she loves dearly. 

A fairy tale first dance while loved ones and friends watch as they dance into the night. 

Two brides exchanging jokes and laughs before the festivities begin for the evening. 

It's all about capturing moments and going where the day leads.

The energy of the day is never ending. I strive to look for the moments throughout the day you would have never noticed and wouldn't have known happened. I do understand that most weddings, in fact I would say all weddings, have some form of formal photography. I am completely okay with taking some posed photos, group photos and family photos. As a Documentary Wedding Photographer I try to make photos that will stand the test of time. I edit every single photo and shoot with all digital equipment. I use top of the line cameras, FujiFilm in case you were curious, but they're also small and compact. This gives me an advantage in not being noticed or recognized. I use natural light to help capture the scene of every wedding and how the event looked. Flash photography to me is too obtrusive. 

Getting in close to the scene. 

I often get right into the scene of the moment. This helps me photograph and show how it felt to be there. A wedding photojournalist or documentary photographer should shoot like this. I also like to find the details in every wedding. The small pieces of heart that went into putting everything together. The hard work and time people spent making this day as special as it can be. I will set the scene and complete the story from beginning to end. 

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