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Things the outdoors and camping can teach us.

I can’t quite put my fingers on it, but there’s something special about the campfire. The campfire is one of the rare things on our planet that can inspire conversations about fears, hope, the meaning of life… There’s something mysterious about it. It makes conversations simple. Perhaps campfire conversations work so well because we’re not distracted by our smartphones, TV, and other every day happenings that bring more stress into our lives and we can focus on the things that really count; nature, good company, and reconnecting with your gut feeling.

A very important lessons camping taught me is that time is a short and a fleeting thing and the time you spend, the memories you make with your family or friends while camping is sure to last a lifetime. I try my best to capture those moments through photography. Who's there, the expressions, emotions and even down to the little things. The opportunity to get dirty and smelly, deal with cuts and scrapes, relieve yourselves in bushes, all result in moments that you can cherish or learn from. Without the constraints of work, deadlines, and social commitments, you have the luxury of not just looking at, but truly experiencing nature and living in the moment. This is where you’ll learn that…

After day-long activities that keep you physically alert, being resourceful in adjusting to the camping lifestyle and learning to adapt in nature, without the distractions offered by television, internet, or social media sites, you are bound to be tired by nightfall. Your body will start to adapt to natural cycles of light and darkness, and after a few nights, your circadian rhythm will be more in sync with your bio-physical needs.

As you start turning in after dusk and waking at dawn, you will realize how your body was meant to function in tune with nature. You will feel fresher, more productive, and healthier as your sleep cycle improves. The exhaustion offered by a day of camping will also allow you to sleep more deeply, hence you will awaken having had restful slumber. Through camping, you can learn the importance of many understated habits- mindfulness; sleeping and awakening on a schedule, living in the moment and overall, the many advantages of being more attuned to your own needs, in mind and body, so you can be healthier and happier with yourself.

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