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Candidly Me

I'm not your average photographer. I've never fit into the norm. I've built myself on candid photography...the in between moments. The moments that pass us all by. Those are the photographs to love and remember. I'm far, far, from the best photographer. I'll never be the one to give you breath taking, drop dead, gorgeous photos. What I will give you are memories.

Those moments where the kids weren't acting right. Where you were making silly faces with your loved one. The times when you're busy getting ready at a wedding and I'm looking at everything else going on, showing you the story. I want my photographs to tell stories. Whether it's a series of photos or just a photo. We all have a story to tell, share and show. If you're a photographer, you don't have to do the same thing everyone else is. Find your style, find your purpose and share it.

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