Style - Keenan Angel

Documentary Photographer?

What exactly does that mean?

Simply, I'm about telling a story. A majority of my work is not staged. You don't see an abundance of posed photos. I prefer emotions and showcasing what the day was and how it happened. No one gets excited over, "wow, look how well I posed on our wedding day".    

They look back and say, "I remember that moment". We all remember when Uncle Frank went dancing like no one was watching, or when the brides sister was crying because she was so happy, or when the little kids were running around being themselves. On that same many pictures have you seen of those moments? Probably few, even though they're at every wedding. That's where I come in. 

There is a story in every picture. There is context and emotion to everything. Whether it is a person or showing where the event took place. Every picture brings together the whole day and without one the story falls apart. 

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